Sexy Body: 5 Ways For Women To Look Slim

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Sexy Body: 5 Ways For Women To Look Slim

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Who doesn’t want to have a sexy body? To look slim is on everyone’s wish list forever, isn’t?

In this post I want to share 5 tips to help women get a sexy body. This involves not just fat loss but also the right kind of muscle toning and growth to give you a hard, tight, yet feminine look. Here are some tips you should use to get a smoking hot and sexy body.

Do More Cardio to get a sexy body

Even though a lot of people say that cardio is a waste of time, it is an easy way to burn more calories and tone your body quickly.

I’m not just talking about high intensity interval training workouts, but regular, medium intensity workouts.

Getting an extra 30 minutes of power-walking each day can go a long way to melt off that stubborn fat and get you a slim look and make you look toned.

Do Manly Exercises

For some reason, many women shy away from certain strength exercises and leave them off to men. The problem is that these exercises are often among the most effective exercises you can do.

I’m talking about chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups, squats, and all sorts of barbell exercises.  Guys do these exercises for a reason: they work fast and they work great.

Women can also benefit from these exercises as they burn a lot of calories and target a number of muscles together.

Pull-ups are especially challenging since it takes a good deal of strength to complete one repetition of them.  You can find pull-up assistance machines in many gyms that can help you build up your strength.

Lift Heavy Weights to look slim

Women who lift weights often settle for very light ones. This stems from a belief that heavy weight lifting leads to the creation of bulky muscles that look masculine and make a woman less attractive.

This is incorrect. Heavy weight lifting, done for a small number of reps per set, leads to a muscle growth which is more dense and tight. The muscles look more compact and not rounded or bulging.

Lifting heavier weights can actually help women look slim and toned. You can check out Visual Impact For Women for some awesome heavy lifting workouts.

Use More Free Weights Than Strength Machines

I don’t think that strength machines are bad or useless. When you’re getting started with an exercise they can help you learn to control the movement better.

However, free weights are more effective and efficient.  When you use free weights your body has to work harder. This is due to the fact that free weights aren’t stable as fitness machines are, so your body has to expend energy to stabilize them.

You get a more effective workout as a result and end up burning more calories.

Don’t worry about body parts

Some women have trouble with their abs, others with their thighs or arms. Everyone has some body part they would like to tone. The problem is that you can’t choose where you burn fat from.

Your body just loses fat from all over. You have to get lean all over to become toned and fit. So, don’t focus on single body parts but do total body workouts to get lean all over.

If you follow these 5 tips, you should see a positive change in your body and your life.

Jonathan Dunsky writes about health, fitness, and fat loss on his blog at World Of Diets where you can also get a free report on how to flatten your abs.

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  1. Michael McIntyre says:

    This is great advice, as a man even I train like this as dense muscles look better than bloated puffy muscles. I do use sarcoplasmic training if I want a quick gain in size however, but you are right in saying that women should mainly focus on strength training. Some women should use high volume training, just to add some mass in the areas us men love :) the booty lol.

  2. Thor Borwick says:

    Hi,and grat article.
    Most women tend to “forget” the strenght training.
    What they don`t realize is that squats and deadlifts are great exercises for working there bottom.

  3. Jeremy Norton says:

    These are great advice. A lot of women have the misconception on focusing on a single body part to workout more rather than focusing on the whole body parts.

  4. I am adopting fitness regime to get back to shape these days. The main areas where I face trouble is arms and belly. I am undertaking exercises to get the belly into shape, but nothing seems to be a fair remedy when it comes to arms. Thanks for the tips. Much valued!!!!!

  5. I agree with the part that the body looses fat from all over. Focusing on only one area may not have the results you are expecting. Therefore, you should concentrate on your whole body rather than a small part of it, when working out for loosing fat. Great tips by the way. Cheers.

  6. Vianney says:

    Great tips you have here. I will definitely make use of them and, hopefully, I would get the ideal body that I have been longing for soon enough. More power.

  7. Protein diet is my personal favorite along with squats and crunches when it comes to having a great body. I have now made them all a routine and enjoy the compliments that pour in.


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