4 Most Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight Fast (And Pay The Price)

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4 Most Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight Fast (And Pay The Price)

4 Most Unhealthy Ways To Lose Weight Fast (And Pay The Price)

Losing weight is an evergreen topic. It is an ongoing goal for some! Most people really do want to get results fast when it comes to losing weight.

Some people have genuine reasons, like say, a wedding that’s coming in a couple of weeks and they want to look good in a dress. Some others might have a vacation and they want to look slim in their bikini and so on.

But whatever be the reason and how important could be the reason for you to lose weight fast, it is totally unhealthy to go “fast” when it comes to losing weight.

Slow and steady is the only healthy way to go with losing weight. In this post let me discuss 10 most unhealthy ways people tend to lose weight fast! Make sure you avoid these ways when you are into losing weight!

Skipping meals

Most of my friends during college were fans of skipping breakfast. They believed that it is a quick and easy way to lose pounds. They were totally wrong.

Breakfast is a meal we east after fasting for the whole night. During the day we eat multiple times and we also snack quite a few times. But during the night, since we are asleep, our body goes without food for 8-12 hours depending upon when we take dinner and when we wake up.

Since we are breaking this fast after we wake up in the morning, the morning meal is aptly named breakfast. And by skipping breakfast, you are doing total injustice to your body.

A healthy breakfast in the morning is absolutely necessary to boost your metabolism, and to improve your body’s functions. Without a healthy breakfast, you will deprive of the nutrients and hence your body and mind will not be active, creative and hence you will certainly have a dull day.

Not to mention, you will starve and you are most likely to go on unhealthy snacks and also over-eat lunch. All these are not only unhealthy but will contribute to weight gain – just the opposite of what you were expecting!

Going on crash diets

Crash diets are so popular because of their hype and unrealistic promises. There are diets that include only certain type of food and most part of those diet programs comprise of just starving.

Can you imagine putting your precious body through that? Crash diets are also popular for another reason – they say that most celebrities follow crash diets that help them achieve the zero size figure.

So even though those celebs look slim on the outside, most of us do forget that slim doesn’t equate to healthy!

If you put yourself through crash diets, you will certainly starve and your body will also miss all the important vitamins and minerals that it needs to get to keep functioning on a regular and normal basis.

Eating a balanced diet is highly important to maintain a healthy body and a healthy mind and the crash diets defeat the whole purpose of this goal.

Working out too much!

Although it is true that the more you work out the more you feel refreshed, demanding too much from your body is never a good idea.

You can easily run into fatigue or strain your muscles in an attempt to lose quick pounds by indulging in heavy and intensive workouts.

And if you are working out alongside a crash diet, you are seriously killing yourself.

I am not against exercising! It is great if done in a consistent manner and in the level your body can withstand. Just remember, too much of anything is not good.

Weight loss pills and supplements

These are quite popular because they not only promise quick weight loss but they also claim to work even if the person eats junk.

That is, you can have your cake and eat it too and lose weight as well – how mesmerizing and how tempting this is! However we must understand the simple fact that it is impossible to eat junk and stay slim just by swallowing a couple of pills everyday.

These fake weight loss supplements make you look slim for a few days, but do a lot of nasty things on the inside to your organs. Not to mention, the fat will come back as fast as it (seemingly) went away and as a byproduct you would have ruined something precious inside of you.

Bottom line: Stay away from unhealthy weight loss diets/practices

So please stay away from anything that promises fast or quick results when it comes to weight loss. In my opinion, do not aim at zero figure (or as they call it “size zero”).

And do not have the misconception that being skinny is healthy; it is not so. And in most cases it is quite the opposite.

Just make sure you are in the healthy weight regime – do the math with your body weight and height to get the BMI and see if you are in the healthy range.

Don’t be too hard on yourself to get that slim figure. It is more important that you stay healthy than stay slim!

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  1. Yes, It is true that have a fast weight loss may get us to regain the weight fastly too. :(
    Pill and the likes only give the results for a short period, not permanent. So, I prefer to change my diet to a healthy one in order the results may last for long term :)

  2. Weight problems are really burdensome. A lot of people seeks ways to fasttrack shedding off those unwanted pounds only to end up feeling a lot worse because of complications and side effects. Don’t be one of the statistics. Stick to safe methods and always consult a professional before starting out a weight-loss regimen.

  3. There are so many weight-loss methods being introduced these days. And because a lot of people are desperate to find the best solutions to their weight problems, they often opt for the “fast” methods with complete disregard for the consequences and side effects. Take the time to research about your options and seek professional help.

  4. I am guilty with some of these habits. I used to starve myself and go on a crash diet when I want feel like I am getting bigger. But I realized in the long run that it is not doing me any good and I just end up getting sick.

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